Pregnancy Advice When Training

When it comes to applying eyelash extensions or carry out Lash Lift, you need to be a confident trained expert. That’s why we run the most rigorous training course in the country, creating an award-winning team of lash technicians.

Our training covers all aspects of eyelash extension theory including health & safety. We also have practical elements within training, where we encourage our students to work on one another so they fully experience the eyelash extension treatment.

We will never turn a student away from starting their lash journey, but we must highlight what is expected of you during the course.

We want you to feel 100% confident during the training, so request you consider the following before booking;

Length of course – Eyelash Extension Course - Once you have attended the course there is a period of 3 months to submit the necessary case studies (on average we require 5). You may also need to attend additional workshops to complete your certification. We recommend a case study to be submitted every 2 weeks. Each case study can take between 2 -2.5 hours.

Lash Lift Course is a 1 day course and on successful completion you will be certified on the day of training.

Comfortability – You know your body better than anyone, and know its limits. Eyelash extension application can add a lot of pressure on the body as you are sitting in a fixed leaning forward position for an excessive amount of time. On average it takes between 2-2.5 hours to apply a full set of lashes to a client. And 1 hour lash lift. 

Sensitivity to smells – It's not uncommon for your sense of smell to change in pregnancy, and more often than not it becomes more sensitive, certain odours or smells may trigger nausea and/or vomiting. During eyelash extension application, we use lash adhesive which is made from cyanoacrylate, this has strong vapours that may smell unpleasant during pregnancy. And within lash lift it contains ammonium thioglycolate, in the perm solution with strong vapours.

Risks to unborn baby – There are no known risks associated with exposure to cyanoacrylate, ammonium thioglycolate and birth defects, but we would always recommend when possible delaying your training until your baby is born.

Treatment – Pregnancy and breastfeeding is classed as a contraindication for lash application, and we would not advise any therapist to apply lashes to a client during pregnancy. Your body does not react in the same way it would normally due to the change of hormone levels, you can experience increased sensitivity/allergies. If a severe allergic reaction does occur during treatment you wouldn’t be able to take antihistamines leaving you exposed to the reaction. To minimise this risk you would need to bring a model to the course with you for the practical element, meaning you would miss out on being able to experience the treatment firsthand.

Before you continue your booking with us, we always recommend that you seek medical advice and ask that you have read and understood the requirements of this course.

As a duty of care, we do need to know of your pregnancy prior to attending the course, so we can carry out the necessary risk assessments and ensure we can minimise any risks to you and your unborn baby.

Before booking your space, please contact The Eyelash Emporium Crew on 01753 650656.