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Curtain Call Aftercare Leaflets

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Use these Branded Aftercare Leaflets to Make sure your clients know how to keep their lashes healthy

These eyelash extension aftercare leaflets provide clients with important aftercare tips, to increase the lifespan of client's eyelash extensions and improve customer satisfaction with the service the eyelash technician provides. We recommend that all of our semi-permanent eyelash extension technicians give their clients a leaflet after every treatment to give them the best chance of long-lasting beautiful semi-permanent extensions.

Each aftercare leaflet has a section detailing what the client should be careful of for the first 24 hours after application. They also include the details of products that can help to maintain the lashes that can be purchased from The Eyelash Emporium and sold to your clients, allowing you to upsell with each treatment, maximising the potential return on investment.

Each pack contains 100 A5 aftercare leaflets.