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Fade Out Eye Make-up Cleansing Pads

  • €9.15

Lashes Last Longer with our Protein Removal Pads

The pads are specifically formulated to cleanse and remove stubborn oil from the eyelashes and the eye area prior to the application of the eyelash extensions. By doing so, the lashes are prepared for the treatment as much as possible and with no oil on the natural lashes this improves the glue bonding.

As well as being great for preparation, the protein removal pads are also perfect for semi-permanent eyelash extension aftercare as they gently cleanse lashes and lids without damaging the glue bond. This keeps the lash extensions in great condition for as long as possible.

Each tub contains 75 individual pre-moistened pads. You should avoid using the pads on irritated or sunburned skin.