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Audition Record & Consultation Cards

  • €5.82
  • €5.82

Carry out a professional consultation with the help of our consultation sheets

We advise all of our semi-permanent eyelash extension technicians to issue a consultation sheet for insurance purposes prior to carrying out their eyelash extension treatment. During the consultation each technician should make sure that anything they should be made aware of is disclosed during this time.

Each client record sheet includes fields for important medical information (such as allergies and contra-indications that may make eyelash extension treatment inadvisable), in addition includes application plan and client requirements on the reverse side. This will be the time that you would discuss the look they want to achieve with their lashes so that you can plan the structure in advance and have the right lashes for the application.

We advise a consultation sheet is issued to every client on initial consultation prior to their patch test and kept on record to be referred back to if needed.

100 in a pack.