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Dumont Fine Tip Angled Tweezer SS/45

  • €47.49

Hook tip and lightweight, ideal for pick up and volume fan creation.

Each Dumont tweezer is hand tested, this takes hours and only those that meet our high standards make it out to our customers. 

Dumont tweezers are NOT actually designed for the volume lash industry. They are actually a high grade steel precision tweezer made in Switzerland. It is primarily designed for medical work where the precision “tip” offers superior grab for the finest of materials such as needles, fine hairs and of course eyelash extensions.

These tweezers are recommended for lash artists who have honed their craft over time and operate their tweezers with a light touch.

Care instructions

1. Do not soak in antibacterial liquid (i.e. Barbicide) as there is risk of the tweezers rusting. The Eyelash Emporium product testers recommend Filecide.

2. When the tweezers are not in use, always ensure the tips are protected with the rubber protector provided when purchased.

3. DO NOT drop them. The delicate tips will loose their precision if dropped.