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Gravity Defying Lashes Training Ireland

  • €287.50
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Gravity Defying Lashes Training Course in Belfast, Ireland

Train in Gravity Defying Lashes with The Eyelash Emporium. The Gravity Defying Lashes treatment lifts and extends the lashes, straightening them at the root for an instant fuller effect and high-impact look.    

The total cost of the course is 345, which includes; training, assessment, certification and a kit. 

Our leading lady at our Belfast venue is Jill Arbuckle. Learn more about Jill below;

"My entry into the beauty industry came in 2013, when I moved back home to Carrickfergus and decided upon a career change – I had moved from an academy in Birmingham where I taught Art & Design, and wanted a position where I could continue to express my creativity but be my own boss.

I trained with a local educator and took up a self-employed position in her salon, then on to her education team delivering nail art – perfect for my creativity.

My next foray into learning lead me to lashes and microblading, which helped me develop a strong client base and grow my student group – there is nothing more satisfying than helping a student achieve their goal, and my passion for the industry certainly shows through in their work.

The next chapter in my journey was becoming an educator at RJM Hair & Beauty, where I deliver a number of beauty courses, and this is where The Eyelash Emporium opportunity came from – I am honoured to be working with the brand and really looking forward to the new opportunities which lie ahead.

I recognise that The Eyelash Emporium provide a high level of education, having trained with them myself; one of my favourite key selling points is that they hold small classes to ensure all the students are given the attention the need in order to become a successful lash technician.

Even after you have qualified, the support is always there should you need it, and I am yet to find another brand who provides this kind of support.

Learning a new skill can be difficult, but with practice, persistence and patience you can develop to a standard where lashing becomes second nature.

Train with us, you won’t regret it!"

Unable to pay the total course cost upfront? Part-payment is available for our training courses over the phone with our customer care team on 01753 650656.  

Book on to your chosen date online or by calling us on 01753 650656. If you can't see any suitable dates you can also give us a ring!
Please note deposits for our training courses are non-refundable. Over 18s only.