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Opening Curtain C-Curl Lashes (Mixed Lengths)

  • €15.82

Create an unashamedly show-stopping, rebellious look with our Opening Curtain volume lashes.

These are the perfect lash to use for the more traditional Russian Volume lashes, as the curved shape of the strip will help you achieve a sleek pointy base, developed to help create a long stem and giving a dark ‘eyeliner’ look.  Ideal for those clients with plenty of thick lashes wanting the uniform volume look.

These lashes are 0.07mm width and contain 3 lengths within one strip - Choose between:

  • 8,9,10mm
  • 10,11,12mm
  • 12,13,14mm

A great lash goes a long, long way, which is why all of ours are made with PBT.

Our lashes have a strong depth of colour, meaning you can achieve a denser, fuller look. Hand finished in South Korea, ensuring quality in each lash.

The advanced polymer that is super soft, light and silky but deceptively tough, holding its curl.

We take the issue of animal testing very seriously and can assure you that we don’t use real Mink hair.

Please note, these lashes are not for doing classic lashes and are not self-fanning.