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Special Effects C-Curl Mixed Base Pre-Made Fan 6D

  • €12.92

Deliver an Oscar-winning performance with our mix of short and long base pre-made fans, in our classic C-Curl.

The short base fans are wide spread, giving a delicate fluttery effect. Great for quickly filling a sparse natural lash. Long base fans are tightly held together to give your lashes density and fullness from the base, for that eyeliner effect. For Extra Va-Va Voom, use together to create an intense, dense look along the lash line that still has a weightless, fluffy finish at the tips.

All trays contain 8 rows of short base and 8 rows of long base fans and are available in 3 different length options to help minimise waste, giving you only what you need:

Short lengths: 8 & 9mm

Medium lengths: 10 & 11mm

Long lengths: 12 & 13mm