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Walk of Fame Studio Strip Lashes (Pack of 6)

  • €31.25

The Walk of Fame lash gives a wispy, subtle glam lash, perfect with or without eye makeup. As an evenly distributed layered lash, this style is especially suitable for round eyes, although will look fabulous on anyone. Each lash in our studio range are Faux Mink, 3D, luxury strip lashes that are reusable up to 20 wears when cared for correctly.

Directions for use:
Align band with natural lash line and trim to fit if needed. Apply adhesive to the strip lash band and wait 40-50 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky. Place the lash band in the centre of your natural lash line, press the inner side of the strip lash in place followed by the outer. Press down on the lash band until secure across the whole lash line.

After wearing the lashes, soak in a micellar cleanser to remove any dirt/adhesive before storing in the packaging as these lashes can be re-worn up to 20 times.